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Vinson J. Hudson, MSEE               Partner

Mr. Hudson is a recognized industry expert frequently interviewed in respected publications, an analyst, researcher and competitive intelligence professional who focuses on intelligence gathering about companies that offer healthcare information technology solutions. Mr. Hudson publishes the definitive knowledge base profiling companies in the physician’s office management & medical information systems (POMIS) industry sector of health care, and details its size, evolution and growth. This involves continuously monitoring the changes and performance of POMIS vendors that sell EHR-EMR systems, managed care information systems, and/or practice management systems to ambulatory care settings or physician practices. Mr. Hudson has delivered expert insights and impressions so that clients can make well-informed decisions. His POMIS research publications have been purchased by thousands of companies or individuals over a 40-year period.  Mr. Hudson is proficient as an expert using consulting techniques, research, analysis, and assessment of information, and dissemination and communication of insights to key clients. For more than 40 years, Mr. Hudson has earned the insider’s trust of hundreds of clients through non-disclosure agreements. Since privacy and confidentiality is vital to Mr. Hudson’s business, he enjoys knowledge of inside information not enjoyed by large research firms.



Professional Experience

Entrepreneur, Executive

  • Jewson Enterprises was founded in 1973 as a market research and analysis firm owned by Jewel C. Hudson and Vinson J. Hudson. It is the only firm in the nation dedicated to the POMIS industry. The products sold in this industry are Electronic Health Records-Electronic Medical Records (EHR-EMR) systems, Managed Care Information Systems (MCIS), and Practice Management Systems. The major buyers are solo and 2-physicians practices, medical group practices including integrated health plans, hospital-based practices including emergency and outpatient departments, academic medical centers, and managed care plans. Sellers in the POMIS industry are client-server vendors, medical billing services, and Cloud-based or ASP/SaaS providers. The economy and industry have changed to bring in a new group of clients. Business from information technology solution companies has leveled. But clearinghouse clients, investment bankers, and companies looking for distribution channels from our Vendor Database is growing. The intellectual property consists of: < >POMIS Analysis Files (six) – about 32.5 MBs POMIS Vendor Database of 540 viable vendors as of March 2012 Medical Practice Database of more than 137,000 medical practices Several Support Files used to analyze industry

    Graduated from Stanford University with a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Medical Electronics. Bachelors of Science degreee in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State University.

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